Almost everyone is familiar with Bitcoin and BTC. It was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious and anonymous individual or group in January of 2009. Nakamoto witnessed the outdated, unsustainable, and unfair financial system and sought to improve it. Thus, Bitcoin was born; a peer-to-peer digital cash network where people could freely transact without fear. The native currency BTC is non-inflationary, meaning the value of bitcoin will only go up as holders continue to accumulate. This radical and forward-thinking idea has been adopted by numerous minds in the crypto space, all of whom strive to emulate the success of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not without disadvantages, however. Its network can be slow and expensive, and it has limited functionality and financial applications. At this point, it is more of a store of value than an actual currency. Because of this, most users can only buy, hold, and accumulate BTC rather than actually use it. Furthermore, holders aren’t rewarded for participating. Many projects on networks like Ethereum are leveraging distributed ledger technology to make unique and highly profitable projects that benefit users.

RFbtc is a new Ethereum token that is based on RFI’s innovative tokenomics and aims to increase profitability for token holders. Yield generation has been a problem for DeFi since its inception. Farming tokens with large supplies can perform well for a short period of time until the market becomes diluted with excess tokens and a lack of buyers and holders. RFbtc is based around a 4.2% transaction fee where half is distributed to all token holders automatically and half is sent to a burn address, deflating the total supply. This function punishes weak hands and incentivizes long term holders. With every transaction, holders can passively add to their RFbtc stack.

All generated fees that do not get burned go to holders of the token based on what percentage of ownership they have of RFbtc. The sophisticated RFbtc smart contract ensures that liquidity pools and exchange wallets are EXCLUDED from earning fees. This will protect token holders and guarantee that rewards are distributed fairly. These functions are performed automatically at the time of each transaction meaning there is no central party or interface in charge of distribution. This streamlines the process and prevents costly contract interactions. To put it simply, this is a better way to do yield generation in DeFi. It provides incentives to holders and rewards them fairly for doing so in a way that doesn’t dilute the price of the token. The burn function creates scarcity and supports increases in the token’s price. Meanwhile, holders can sit back, relax, and watch the RFbtc roll in!

The Problem:

Users who interact with DeFi contracts and protocol deal with a large number of risks. DeFi projects demand users to trust in a central party and put their faith in clunky, hard to use, and insecure contracts. Users are then rewarded with freshly minted tokens that come at a cost. It is difficult for users to know if the value of the tokens they are generating is greater than their initial investment, it also saturates the market with swaths of new tokens. The result is almost always the same, users will end up losing value from the inflated supply, or worse yet, users will begin to dump their freely farmed token and crash the price further. The people behind these projects do not anticipate these economic consequences because they lack knowledge and understanding. Investors then must assume all of the risks brought on by interacting with DeFi smart contracts. So what are the specific risks that individuals assume?

Market Risk and Volatility: Price and market volatility that negatively impacts token holders.

Trust: Mismanagement of funds by teams or individuals that harm holders.

Security: Bugs and exploits within contract code that hurts holders.

Tokenomics: Token design that cannot sustain profitability

RFbtc mitigates these risks and provides a safe, high yield environment for its community. This is accomplished through the following tokenomics:

Deflationary total supply of 21,000,000

2.1% ‘share tax’ on every transaction to reward holders

2.1% token burn on every transaction

No presale

Max buy of 210,000

In summary, RFbtc is rewarding holders and punishing short term investors. The goal is to cultivate a strong community and reward them throughout the life of the project. Anyone who holds RFbtc can take advantage of transaction fees to earn passive income without having to lift a finger. The supply is deflationary, meaning the potential for positive price action is increased. The lack of presale ensures a fair token launch and the max buy restriction of 210,000 will limit price impact and manipulation from whales.

RFbtc is taking notes from successful projects in the space and applying them in order to benefit holders. Follow these links to learn more about the project and join the community!

Website: https://rfbtc.tech/

Telegram: https://t.me/RFbtctech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rfbtctech

RFbtc on Ethereum

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